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>> to the police in cairo are moving to clear the streets firing tear gas at people. headquarters, widespread protests across egypt. hundreds of others are injured. is accused president of working with hamas.
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you're watching extended coverage of the ongoing turmoil in egypt. they have been staging rallies into the night, both calling for an end to military rule. --pt's interior minister these are live pictures coming to us right now where we believe we understand the security forces are firing tear gas on the protesters. they are joining us from the city where these protesters are taking place right now. what can you tell us about these reports? basically, protesters, it is
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at the edges. these protests were probably the hardest since they began a few days ago. because of the sheer number of over gathered, it was until they have reached part of the main roads. and when the police started they are potentially at those protesters gathered here.
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have minor injuries and complications, we understand that they gave no warning and started to try to remove them. clothes fire.lian they are very similar and have become accustomed to them over the past weeks and months where there has been a combination of security forces. they have started across the country. peopleeam of injured continues to well over an hour, and the core of the protests remains peaceful.
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them women and have had a lot more complications. and as forcible removing, the security forces were divided. it will be a very bloody situation. >> i understand the situation is fast moving and we are looking at live pictures now where as you are saying, let's understand security forces are firing on the protesters. are you getting information on the injuries? i know that you said there are injuries.
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>> we have not been able to confirm any so far. there are others that are there. thesecurity is based on injuries. >> alright, i will leave it there for now.
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near the october 6 bridge. can you tell us what the scene is right now? dodge the fighting between -- >> of the fighting between police, the protest is heading to the wall.
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the tear-gas, they have announced themselves as well. anything along the roadside. helping the gas grenades, she comes over. it is further up the road. there are few people going past.
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throwing stones at police and popping back to tear back -- the tear-gas canisters. >> this is going to escalate much more? it will, ithink think it will carry on at that same sort of level for a while. what might make it significantly worse is that this is the time they have chosen to move further into the city. forprotester has been here three weeks. this a what will make
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much bigger scenario at the moment. >> for the time being, let's take you now to tahrir square. people are gathering in what is being seen as a response to the defense minister's call for a mandate to fight what he calls as terrorism. that is the scene that is very different from what is going on where they were just reporting from. you are with me.
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>> is definitely a scene of celebration, not a demonstration as you can probably see and hear, fireworks continuing into the early hours of saturday morning. this crowd came appear to the large gatherings also outside the presidential palace. gathering at aat strategic location. wanted alitary who mandate or simply wanted to gauge the support it had, it certainly got a very clear indication with the numbers eating the call of the defense minister, calling them a hero. >> the question is what the mandate is. that is what they call for.
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>> the statement made by the it is not justr, seeping but used in the official discord. also by the presidency. they urge egyptians to take to the street. authority is referring to the continuing attacks security.
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that is the actions of the military and the police for days to come. >> there was a statement by the interior ministry that said anti-military protests will be brought to an end soon. have you been able to get any sort of clarity on what that legal manner maybe? out this iso point a very specific statement reported by one news agency in the state run website. have anay that we official statement from the interior of the ministry. but perhaps the more ominous warning came from the interim president himself.
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he gave up a telephone interview to or private tv station here and the anchors specifically asked, now what? he told her what comes next is that the state can no longer .emain silent roads andoff threatened the state institutions. it is not clear what that means if it is an imminent threat, a specific threat to an imminent breakup or raising the stakes to try to pressure the brotherhood into a serious process of negotiation. ande will leave it there bring it back to you. the egyptian military has been reacting.
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we salute you. thank you. the people there have been at this amateur footage shows protests in support of the army. there are protests for and against the military. it has become a very sensitive area with several attacks against security forces in the last few weeks. the nextpeaker of generation fellow at the washington institute who is an expert on the muslim brotherhood. as you can see, a very fluid situation in egypt. just your analysis. >> a very worrying situation,
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you have mobilization and counter mobilization. that it has not been as bad as we anticipated. we don't yet see the signs of this mobilization process lending itself to a process where the sides will come together and push them toward transition. >> what will you look for to move that transition forward? >> they started with the president and chose a quarter dumb. i expect they will continue to fight this. they will start if
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they keep fighting. it is fed up with the brotherhood and feels the revolution was stolen from them. the religious way of life being imposed on them so they are digging their heels then. i don't yet see signs of the political process emerging from this. >> they give them mandates, and the numbers, now that the military appears to have been given a mandate by some, what do you think it will do with that? >> we will see a stronger hand which the military views as one way to send a signal to the brotherhood. you will see the military move ahead with the arrest and prosecution of taught brotherhood leaders. those things were inevitable once he was removed.
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that is the nature of the coup. say that in any way as an endorsement. it remains the brotherhood that opening. does this not embolden those that support him? >> they have suggested that by fighting, you can draw soldiers.
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this is where i press the military. the muslim brothers feel comfortable participating down the road. >> is the leadership trying to pressure the brotherhood into some sort of negotiated settlement right now? >> they are trying but i don't anticipate it will work.
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i think they will pay a price choice. i think we will see the of the brotherhood. washington,s from thank you. you're watching extended coverage of the ongoing turmoil in egypt. they have been staging rallies into the night. on one side, calling to an end for military rule and on the other, supporting military rule. 35 people have been entered after the army fired teargas near the october 6 bridge.
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killed.ople have been we are speaking to people inside the mosque that are calling for help after being trapped by their attackers. over and before i do that, take a look at these pictures from the city where just a few minutes ago we are getting reports of security at thefiring tear gas anti-military protesters that have camped out for many days now. it could potentially have reached a turning point this evening. we are joined from cairo. covering that story for us.
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>> the celebration on going, the helicopters go flying at a very low altitude. even through the early hours of saturday morning. show ofvery important force. the military clearly feeling emboldened by this outpouring of support. it appears in the past few minutes that the military had -- ofrying to show corn foreign correspondents for how are inside the military helicopters, the bird's eye view of the numbers that came out.
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show that there is overwhelming the media playing a very important role in this. against theiment camp of supporters. >> this statement was made by spokesmen from the military saying that we thank you. and we salute you. >> the military is relishing this support and you can see it firsthand. the day,is earlier in several military vehicles harding the main points of the square.
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taking pictures next to the soldiers enchanting the military and army and the people are united. this image is very important for the military to reconcile and rectify that actually very negative image of that yet left power at about one year and a half ago, handing over power that at the time was the first civilian elected president. several human rights violations were committed. withwere chanting down military rule, an ugly confrontation that affected the morale of the military and put them on the offensive for months. something the military is absolutely enjoying.
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>> now we know he is being investigated and not charged yet. what can you tell us about that particular case? >> this is a case looking at the prison break at the early days of the resolution in january of 2011. they have political detainees. taking part in the revolution, there are not convicted and no charges pressed against them. looking intors of the case of the prison break, they are even during the time it was in office, one week before
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the protest that pushed them out of office. the judge ordered the prosecutor to look into the prison break, saying that it appeared the leadership conspired to organize the prison break. it led to the killing of 14 border guards and the release of convicts. they are trying to make a conspiringbetween with them. any possible trial that is to come, the timing is suspect. it will either inflame tensions or at the end of the day, holding after being held weeks after being removed from office.
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on and she earlier is the foreign minister. is case being made politically motivated. listen to this. >> i this is very ridiculous. just the head of the government, all of these people in egypt, we have nothing to hide. >> there is the question that whether these charges against them are going to emboldened the muslim brotherhood and those that support them that just encourage more protests like the ones we see this evening.
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>> it will further the resolve of those that have been camped out for almost a month now and defense of the deposed president. for is a fight for survival the muslim brotherhood. this is a group that survived 80 years of crack down by three different presidents. mubarak.inly by
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>> today, on "earth focus," western rivers--challenges and solutions. a look at films featuring the willamette river, the l.a. river, and the colorado. coming up, on "earth focus." in the united states, we have more than 3.5 million miles of rivers. that's enough to circle the globe 140 times. rivers shape our landscapes, are home to many species, fill ou glass, and even inspire filmmakers. >> if we're going to be a society that uses rivers, and lives along them, then we do need to live in a more river-conscious way. >> seeing kids get so excited about the river is, uh, proba

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